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Gwen Acton

Effective Leadership Training
Transition to Leader/Manager Bootcamp


Vivo Group improves research and development (R&D) productivity and innovation through successful integration of science and business practices, and strategic leadership development. Vivo Group has proprietary expertise to address the rigorous demands of R&D intensive businesses, and the unique issues encountered by scientist and engineer technical experts working in the life science and technology industries.

Vivo Group services include leadership development, productivity and innovation consulting, and executive coaching.  

Massachusetts Companies are eligible for state reimbursement of 50%-100%

Vivo Group can offer all content and services in a virtual format.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting and Training


Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group is an innovative, implementation-focused Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consulting and training company for your workplace. We bring no-frills, deeply practical Diversity & Inclusion expertise, and experience.

Our knowledge and services encompasses all aspects of talent – recruiting, learning and development, succession planning, performance management, and associate engagement – to the Diversity & Inclusion work in your organization for a holistic talent strategy, goal-setting, and programming. We have worked with clients from many different industries including pharma, finance (banking institutions and accounting firms), academia (colleges and universities), tech, law, sports, and nonprofit.

We offer the following services: Diversity Recruiting Training, Basics of DE&I Workshops, Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Facilitation, In-House Full D&I Implementation, Unconscious Bias Training, Employee Resource Group/ERG Training.

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Elizabeth Needham

Co-Active Training Institute


I excel in helping leaders communicate, collaborate, manage and influence more effectively. I work with clients to establish their unique brand of leadership, expand their leadership presence, communicate their vision, and inspire others towards that vision. Clients get clear on their values, their strengths and how to bring the best version of themselves to their roles, their teams and their organizations.

Coaching Credentials: CPCCACC

Offer free sample sessions: Yes

Languages: English, French

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Leslie Kaufman

Clear Rock


As a coach and trusted advisor, I help individuals and teams tackle challenging issues. I also apply my experience of organized dynamics to develop and facilitate leadership development programs. My professional passion is working with highly motivated individuals and teams to help them exceed their performance expectations.

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Human Asset Venures
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Liz Bentley

Liz Bentley Associates


We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in understanding human behavior and helping people rise into their power. Our team of highly pedigreed professionals delivers best-in-class service to individuals, teams and organizations across all industries and in companies of all sizes.

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Coaching on Demand

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Jeff Stone

Potentia Consulting


Jeff Stone has more than 20 years of management and consulting experience focused on helping clients achieve personal, team and organizational effectiveness.  Jeff's clients span a broad range of industries and in recent years he has worked extensively in Life Sciences.  He has a real passion for helping leaders and teams navigate through periods of growth and change, and in particular, the tricky cultural transition from an entrepreneurial to more professionally managed organization. Jeff is skilled in the areas of executive coaching, top team effectiveness, developing broad based employee engagement and results-focused strategy implementation processes.

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Kelly Botto

Botto Coaching Collaborative


Authentic and practical coaches who help others live and lead with greater conscience, impact and ease

We help leaders see themselves as others see them, and if the perception doesn’t line up with their own, we work to close the gaps.

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Kathleen Polscer

Coach in the Pearl


Executive and Leadership Coach Passionate and committed to building world-class leaders who drive an engaging employee experience while mastering communication, emotional intelligence and leadership presence.

PH: 503-963-8800

Kathleen Polscer M.S., LPC, CPC, BCC | LinkedIn

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Jennifer Porter

The Boda Group


A seasoned leader and operations executive, Jennifer thrives in fast-paced and complex environments. She started her career with The Boston Consulting Group and, knowing she wanted to lead an organization, joined Einstein Bros Bagels shortly after they were founded, serving as the VP of Operations Support and leading a 450-store rollout over 18 months. Two more senior operating roles in high-growth organizations followed: COO of Circles (now part of Sodexo), a corporate concierge service, and COO of Sentient Jet, a private jet membership company. After seven years as an executive coach with Spencer & Bean, she founded The Boda Group, where she serves as Managing Partner.

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Annie Stevens

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching


Annie has been coaching and advising executives domestically and in Europe for more than 20 years. While working directly with the founders of the industry, Annie crafted a coaching protocol and roadmap based on years of industry experience coaching executives, physicians, and scientists. She has extensive experience coaching at all levels of an organization and in numerous industries including biotech/pharma, financial services, academia, healthcare, non-profits, and retail.Annie is known for empathizing with a  person's experiences and building trust, while still holding him or her accountable for behaviors and stated goals.

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Speech Coach Company

Wendy Wilberg

Janelle Winston


Speech Coach Company is a speech communication skills training and consulting company located in Newton, Massachusetts, just minutes from downtown Boston. Since 1990, SpeechCoach Company has trained thousands of people to excel in all types of speaking situations -- from public speeches to corporate presentations, from media appearances to wedding toasts. The key to our consistent successes: the expertise of our speech coaches, the excellence of our training methodologies, and the immediate impact we create.

We deliver our services in two ways:

Personalized Private Coaching or Group Training — at your location or at our office in Newton, MA; by a live, online, face to face interactive session using your computer and a web camera; or over the phone and by email

No matter which format you choose, you’ll learn in an environment that’s comfortable, supportive, and productive.

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Ethan Becker

As President of The Speech Improvement Company, Ethan is a second-generation speech coach and trainer. While he’s worked with business partners all over the United States, he also has unique international experience. He has developed powerful, customized motivational training programs on communication and delivered them worldwide. Ethan’s experiences have provided him with a valuable cultural perspective that he brings to his clients.

Co-Author of the international best selling business book “Mastering Communication at Work, how to lead, manage, and influence” published by McGraw-Hill. Learn how Harvard University, The White House, Google, TED talks, and more master communication.

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Deb Bercume

Bercume Associates

Keep moving forward one step at a time! 

What resources do you have in place to support your
organization, team, employees and yourself?
We offer virtual and in person learning resources, expertise in executive coaching, facilitation for leadership & talent development, and HR Consulting. 
Contact Bercume Associates for assistance.

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 Beth Rogers

Point Taken

The Point Taken Training Approach

Lots of people feel nervous prior to a presentation, meeting or pitch. At Point Taken, we change people’s lives by giving them the tools and confidence to be effective communicators. We support them in becoming more effective by giving them the power to be persuasive- allowing them to influence their world and outcomes.

So, if you had that super-power, how would you use it?

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Speechless Inc

Speechless Inc. — a company dedicated to helping people be themselves and be heard. Today, Speechless offers studio classes, and team workshops, individual coaching, and creative services based on the principles of improv thinking — and we still produce Speechless Live every single month. We’re committed to bridging the gap between technology, comedy, and creative expression — and pushing the boundary of how they inform each other.

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Brian Kogh

Leadership Link

We help you grow leadership and teamwork skills that maximize the value of your incredible scientific, technical, and business expertise to achieve your mission as quickly as possible.