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4G Clinical

Bringing Crucial Medicines to Those Who Need Them Faster


Letter from our CEO
Meet our Industry Experts

T4G Clinical’s mission is to bring crucial medicines to those that need them, faster. That mission cannot be accomplished without ensuring innovative science makes it to the clinic. We are honored to be included in the Atlas Venture community so we can support you no matter what stage of development your company is in.

Who is 4G Clinical? At the heart of what we do, we are a cutting edge randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) company. And yet, we are so much more. We have over 800 years of clinical trials and supply management experience. Our world-wide staff hails from a mix of sponsors, CROs and vendors, with a depth of experience that can benefit your organization as you get closer to the clinic and execute early phase studies.

Here are just a few of the topics we'd be happy to start a conversation around:

-Supply planning before you have an internal supply team

-Supply chain strategy, design, setup and execution

-What you should consider as you grow

-Best practices for different indications and study designs

-Transitioning from pre-clinical to Phase 1

-Understanding the clinical trial and trial technology landscape

-Power and pitfalls of outsourcing

-Sustain and grow with modern technology




Upcoming Events


For more information contact Jay Gately at jay@4gclinical.com or 617-513-9226

Applied BioMath

Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, Simulation and Software


Founded in 2013, Applied BioMath uses mathematical modeling and simulation to provide quantitative and predictive guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate and de-risk drug research and development. Our Model-Aided Drug Invention (MADI) approach employs proprietary algorithms and software to support groups worldwide in decision-making from early research through clinical trials. The Applied BioMath team leverages their decades of expertise in biology, mathematical modeling and analysis, high-performance computing, and industry experience to help groups better understand their candidate, its best-in-class parameters, competitive advantages, patients, and the best path forward into and in the clinic.

Capabilities Presentation

Pharmacometrics Services


For more information contact John Burke at john.burke@appliedbiomath.com


Cloud Based Informatics Platform


Benchling Brochure for the Atlas Community

The Benchling Life Sciences R&D Cloud is an all-in-one, cloud-based data management infrastructure for growing biotech companies. Our platform powers scientists' everyday research and notetaking, structures and analyzes complex large molecule data, and empowers companies to answer new questions about their research.

Schedule a call to learn how we can help you optimize early research and set your organization up to scale.

For more information contact:

Greg Gundy at greg@benchling.com or 201-317-7969

Benchling Events & Webinars

Synlogic - Benchling Case Study


Manufacturer of Life Sciences Products


Eppendorf Brochure for the Atlas Community

For over 75 years, Eppendorf has been a leading manufacturer of life science products.  In that time, we have been integral in supporting cutting-edge R&D in the drug and therapeutic spaces.

Our commitment to excellence has led to our success in the manufacturing of premium products.  We have earned trust from researchers and notoriety in the industry as a reliable choice for core consumables and instruments, such as centrifuges, liquid handling, PCR, freezers, shakers and incubators, to produce high-quality data.

For more information contact:

Jennifer Letterman at letterman.j@eppendorf.com

To create an account and obtain the exclusive Atlas only discount, please fill out the credit application and W-9. Send those documents, your tax status and a recent bank statement to Jennifer Letterman.

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For more information contact:

Tanya Stasio at Tanya.Stasio@PERKINELMER.COM or 781-330-4846

Spotfire Biotech Bundle Overview & Atlas Only Pricing

Cloud deployment script for PerkinElmer Spotfire Biotech Bundle

Be sure to ask for your "Atlas" only discount of 40% on the Spotfire Biotech Bundle!


Electronic Lab Notebook


SciNote is a top-rated platform for researchers in academia or industry, who need electronic lab notebook, inventory management and project management functionalities.

It is trusted by FDA and more than 70k scientists.

Where it thrives?

- SciNote helps you organize your scientific data + safely stores it in 1 place, manage your team and experiments

- Suitable for Labs of any size

- Guarantee full traceability with time stamps and Electronic Signatures

- CFR 21 /11 compliant!

SciNote Plans

SciNote ELN Functionality

For more information contact:

Zala Kobe at zala@scinote.net

Discount for Atlas Companies: -10% - for 1-year contract; 20% for 2-year contracts; 30% for 3-year contracts *applies to the user licenses.